In Tune, there are 5 main types of realized words.

But when you are speaking, any "modifiers" to one of the 5 realized word forms don't get a prefix either, so they serve as the nebulous base, which gains meaning through context.

In addition, there is a strict word order for phrases. Action phrases, object phrases, and manner phrases are such that all modifiers precede the main "head", as a "tail". The tail words get no suffixes, but the head gets its appropriate suffix.

In a sense, the head words divide up the sentence like points in a string, and the hanging part of the string are the modifiers. You can sequence together things like the following:

object-actionI love
object-action-objectI love stuff
object-action-designI turn red
action-objectCreate something
action-object-designCreate something fast

You separate each of these things by adding the suffix to the head of the phrase.