Personal names begin with basically a word meaning like "soul", gender agnostic. So it is sol x.

Hi        Dark Cloud.
hayno sol ram  klada.

There is over a hundred thousand possible names which can be had, but reusing/picking a common name would be ideal so as to keep vocabulary small. Some of the words might grow to gain some meaning, so a name could mean something in the future, though we will try and reserve some names for names sake up front, kind of like we have in English.

Names are first transliterated close to their original sound, unless we want to find a clever meaningful name which more aptly characterizes the person but doesn't phonetically reflect their native name.

Each person, in addition to having a meaningless "formal" name like "dark cloud", should have a generic descriptor, like "the famous physicist of the early 1900s", so it can be easier to remember.

Names are typically 1 or 2 words per name, so a first name might be 2 words, and a last name 2 words, for a total of 4 words. This is so you can have a family name and a given name, and have them be somewhat descriptive.

Some example usages:

Dark cloud is really interesting.sol ram klada vuti rale vok trisu.