Speech Grammar

First Words

First words combine sounds in a meaningful way. Just as the 3 basic vowels go on to mean very complex things (directions, movement, feelings, positions, goals, purposes, etc.), so to the various consonants and other vowels get associated with various complex meanings. These complex meanings then get chained together into words.

Somewhere, someone would have maybe come up with a set of constraints on how these sounds could be combined. One such possible simple rule would be, all sound sequences must start and end with a consonant. This might have come after people made words be any sequence of sounds, because any sequence of sounds (which represent rich experiences not even distinguished between actions and objects) would have quickly run into the problem of how to distinguish actions and objects. It is more likely that the experience was given a word, and later we had to mark the experiences as actions and objects. So in this sliver of experience, perhaps they came up with this constraint, that words started and ended with a consonant, so that you could convert them into actions and objects with a vowel suffix.

So this person would have been born where there were already words, but the words didn't have a consistent pattern to them. So they changed the words to have a consistent pattern, which simplified cognitive load.

rak r a k

The word for "rock" could symbolize the strength/effort "r" required to lift that rock, the "a" meaning to release the effort and get back to normal, and the "k", the sound of the rock chipping, or hitting other rocks.

mam m a m

The sound m would have been for a good thing, as opposed to "n" for a bad thing. The sound sequence mam for "source" (like your mom), would have been a "good relaxing good" or "good safe good".

But then words would be created out of the feeling of the moment, whatever felt right, and you would end up with words for which the original meaning was not obvious, or was never obvious. They would get shared, and normalized, as long as they fit the pattern/rule of starting/ending with a consonant. Then we can easily tell what is a "word" and what is not a "word".

The words kiq (action type) and kaq (object type) represent the creation, where q is neither good nor bad, it just is, as peace. "The creation that moves forward, and is", and "the creation that stands still, and is", k-i-q, and k-a-q.

The sound f might be associated with the wind or cold.

The sound x with a splashing of a stream or water.

The sound s with a flowing stream.

That is why the "universe" is "six", the stream that moves forward with turbulence.

A "name" is nem, a "bad featuring good". It is a bad thing, but it has some good to it. Not all words can be defined like this, but some were defined like this.

Distinguishing Actions and Objects

At first the action and object marker come separated from the main word.

I need food
suq a sod i fud a

Then it becomes suffixed.

suqa sodi fudi

You notice that words can't end in w, y, or h, because they don't make a distinct enough sound. Also don't start with q, because that is a hard sound to start with.


Counting are among the first words.

  1. pointer finger
  2. middle finger
  3. ring finger
  4. pinky finger
  5. thumb

Thumb, being -u, points back to self, going deep inside. Pointer, being -i, points out into the world.

The closed fist is zero, so zero wasn't that hard of a concept.

We could lay down leaves for every 10. And sticks for every 100. And rocks for every 1000. Otherwise with our fingers we can show 0-10.

We can learn to say "more" or "less" than 1000, or "much more" or "much less" than 1000, rather than having to be exact.

However, much is basically a modifier without a clear noun or verb base. More and less are relationship invoking words, so they define properties like adjectives.

Much could represent "much stuff", where you stretch your arms out, hold a pile of branches. "Few" you would hold just a handful of branches.

To express "more stuff" and "less" stuff, that is in relation to something else. So have to talk about the relationship, with "than". "More stuff than this". "Less stuff than this".

Than comes from compare (Can), but as a preposition Canu.


Conjunction words are among the first words too, to make bigger sentences.

  • and: comes from "bind"
  • or: comes from "choice"
  • not: comes from "void"
  • but: comes from "exception"


We hear children.biba hiri yas gaga
The leaf is green.dan lifa vuti fezo
You see red dirt.rima visi red dorta
The small child jumps.dan smal gaga djampi
My parents are here.bak suq yas sasa vuti dave
What is the year?suk vuti dan xana
I have a good family.suq havi nif tov fama
There are two fruits.fut vuti dob yas camara
This leaf is small and green.lig lifa vuti smal jon feza
My sibling is home again.bak suq tata vuti homa gena
The white rock moves.dan loven gravana muvi
Are you calm today?vuti rim friCelu lig yoma
Find the purple fruit!fandi dan mofik camara
Who is your sibling?miq vuti bak rim tata
I am behind the tree.suq kum vuti dan dipa
The dirt is black.dan refixa vuti kalimu
Can you see us?kani rim visi biba
They cannot hear you.pem nan kini hiri rima
Jump three times.natari san puma
Find it again.fandi val gena
Her friend is climbing a tree.fim rim frenda vuti reC klami nif dipa
The red fruit is close to you.dan hodem camara vuti rif pal rima
How do I find the biggest tree?gav gini suq fandi dan mis brat dipa?
It is time to dig for rocks.val vuti kala pal kanani for yas raka
What color is the star tonight?suko klora vuti dan stara lig nita?
I do not know the time.suq nan bodi dan kala
Is your rock purple or white?vuti bak rim raka mofik cor loven?
Calling her parents is too hard.gin keki fim val bak yas sasa vuti gam skota
Did you see the yellow star?rim did visi dan sahov stara?
Count one, two, three.pumi zen, dob, san
She will call me tomorrow.fim val fat keki suq fid yoma
He was your first friend.maf val did vuti bak rim zen frenda
I want to see, too.suq wanti visi, gama
I see a lot of dirt over there.suq visi nif lat refixa tubi futa
This is not a very ripe piece of fruit.lig nan vuti nif taz baxal kuwama xal camara
Why will she be wild today, do you think?rob kif fim val vuti txaqdjema lig yoma, rim ciqki?
I am the middle child of my family.suq vuti dan mid gaga xal bak suq fama
She was very small last year.fim val yod vuti taz smal last xana
Do not move my small fruit!nan gin muvi bak suq smal camara
Will I find them behind a tree?suq fat fandi pema kimi nif dipa?
She said I should not climb there.fim sen suq xud nan kimi futa
I like that you always have a plan.suq liki huz rim liz havi nif plana
We are too far away to see the tree.bib vuti gam far lana pal visi dan dipa
It would be good to see my home again.val wud vuti tov pal visi bak suq homa geni
Get off that tree or I will call your parents!giti vun huz dipa cor suq kif kuzi bak rim yas sasa!
He thought she could see him.maf vala did ciqki fim vala kud visi maf vala
It is hard to have so much energy.rim vuti skotu pal havi tan kaf vira
I planned to call you yesterday.suq yod plani pal kuzi rima daf yoma
Don't dig over there because it's too far.nan kanani tub futa zag val vuti gam fara
What time did he say he would call?suk kala yod zus maf seni maf wad kuzi
Maybe they should go home now.meb pem xud buqi homa xomi
They had not looked for a rock of that color.pema did havi nan luki for nav gravana xal huz klora
He used to be our calmest friend.maf vala did gul vuti bib poz mis friCel frenda
They wanted us to find a purple leaf.pema did wanti biba pal fandi nav mofik lifa
When can you plan our next dig?win kini rim plani bak bib fid kanana?
Please move it to a better time.plize muvi val pal nif mor tov kala
Is it too late to call your parents?vuti val gam leta pal kuzi bak rim yas sasa
I didn't plan on doing that ever again!suq yod zusi nan plani nev reC zusi huza vak geni
I wish you could see this like I do.suq trixi rim kad visi liga muzi suq zusi
Will you only look for your family?kif rim gax luki for bak rim fama?
We have seen the star high in the sky.bib luti lok visi dan stara mol rasi dan hindrana
We are aboard a boat.bib vuti ras bordani nif navana
She talked about the sun.rim yod varsi mati dan suryana
The sky is above the sea.dan hindrana vuti supi dan varuna
They will be across the water.pem kif vuti bisi dan mayima
He wanted to rest after the long night.val did wanti pal xabati riti dan nic nita
Are you with them or against them?vuti rim yuci pema cor humi pema
We walked along the trail for an hour.bib waki ludi dan triyala for nif hita
There might be animals among us.fut yaq vuti zula maqi biba
We must go around the forest.bib mast buqi soki dan yahara
He is as tall as a tree.val vuti muzi talak liki nif dipa
Are you at the home right now?vuti rim hati homa drit xoma
Let's eat before we talk.lari bib karti turi bib varsi
I think you should follow behind.suq ciqki rim xud dabari kima
The water below me is brown.dan mayima biti suq vuti kapixa
Swimming in the evening is beneath her.reC swimi ras dan yom gola vuti zixak fima
The fruit is beside the river.dan camara vuti zeda dan nahara
Nothing is between me and the sky.nana bimi tini suq jon dan hindrana
Do you want to see beyond the forest?gini rim wanti pal visi sago dan yahara
She is not kind, but I still like her.fima vuti nan sumatu, hid suq tujur laki fima
Rest with me by the fire.xabati yuc suq baji dan pavaka
She loves her despite her appearance.rim lavi rim pesi rim nadjam vana
The tree has fallen down!dan dipa lok zari kufa
Did she wake up at night?yod zusi fim budi riki hat nita
Everyone left except him.lek vola lok likari xuli rima
The stars shine for them.dan yas stara zaraki for pema
Is this gift from him or her?vuti lig giva lopi maf cor fim
Have they swum in the river before?pema lok swami rasi dan nahara turi
Please go inside in a couple minutes.plize buqi ras zeda ras nif dob jak yas daka
They will go into the forest without fear.pema kif buqi ras pal dan yahara Cam yakafa
She is like a wild animal.rim vuti tonyaq nif txandjem zula
A lot of the fruit is gone.taz dan camara vuti lok buqi
They were sitting on the dirt.they past is active sit on the dirt
They have climbed onto the tree.pema luti lok kimi vun pali dan dipa
Jump over the yellow dirt.natari tub dan sahov refixa
Be careful walking past the animal.vuti hudum fal reC waki bas dan zula
We walked 'round the tree.bib yod waki soka dan dipa
All of us left some for our parents.kol xal biba yod livani sam for bak bib sasa
She wants us to go through the forest.fim wanti biba pal buqi cum dan yahara
We slept till the sunrise.bib yod slipi tod dan riz suryana
Are you going to the river?vuti rima reC buqi palo dan nahara
Why is he under the water?rob vuti maf biti dan mayima?
Underneath his appearance is a kind heart.bito val rupaqa vuti nif sumat harta
Unlike me, she is very fast.bat laki suqa, vala vuti svur faste
Wait until I am ready.weti tod suq vuti redu
The fish swim up to the surface.dan frixa swami rik pal dan tala
He sits upon a throne.maf xavi pando nif cronama
Fear is not within their heart.yakafa vuti nan funi pema xiqzaqa
Do you have any water?rim havi nik mayima liq?
Anyone can dance.nik zeka kini rikuda
We will do anything for her.bib kif zusi nik ciqa for fima
They want both fruit and water.pema wanti gul camara jon mayima
Are you certain of that?vuti rima vadut xali huza
He loves each animal equally.maf lavi hitx zula muz piqdaqu
You can have either this or that.rim kin havi hic liga cor huza
They don't have enough leaves.pema nan havi nuf lifa
Many people love the sea.mev yas nara lavi dan varuna
She wanted more water.fim juq yod wanti sul mayima
Most forests have lots of trees.mis yas yahara havi yas riva xal dipa
I don't have much, but it's enough.suq nan havi taza, hit val vuti nufa
Nothing can stop me.nuq ciqa kin virami suqa
I have nowhere I need to go.suq havi nuq zuka suq carf pal buqi
Stars shine bright tonight.yas stara zaraki britanu lig nita
A little wolf is playing with the wooden stick.nif txam maruka vuti reC plimi yuc dan viCar stika
Sand on this beach is totally black.sanda vun lig bitxa vuti nak total vega
The light in the sky was blue and green, moving slowly, like magic.dan mara rasi dan hindrana yod vuti bul jon fez, reC muvi mandar muzu, muz kesema
I can see the trees growing along the shore.suq kin visi dan yas dipa reC habi lud dan maryada
The air is crisp and fresh, and the night sky is clear.dan vayuna vuti krisp jon xinxanu, jon dan nit xuma vuti txintxuku
There is one last leaf left hanging from the barren tree.Ciz vuti zen grep lifa niv reC heqi lop dan beran dipa
This summer my family is going on a long walk around the lake.lig samora bak suq fama vuti reC buqi vun nif nuc waka sok dan pula
One of his eyes was purple and the other one was blue.zenu xal maf yas nayana yod vuti pamu jon dan got zena yod vuti bula
It seems like it used to rain almost every day when I was a child.vala fom simi vala yus pal renti nos haj yoma win suqa yod vuti nif gaga
The sea covers a larger part of the earth.dan varuna kovari nif mor lardj parta xal dan maxa
The bushes surround the forest, creating a boundary that protects the landscape.dan yas siyaka soki dan yahara, reC brami nif bora Cak bandi dan land skepa
The bees love to suck on the nectar of flowers.dan yas voraka lavi pal dayati vun dan djus xal yas flora.
These type of red rocks are rarely found, you have to be extremely patient while digging.yas lig keka xal yas rad raka vuti muz rar yod fani, rima havi pal vuti nak djidan sabiru wal reC kanani
Ocean waves were very high that day years back.yas varun weva yod vuti svor molu huz yoma yas xan lesu
Dark clouds part, allowing the suns rays to enter once again.ram yas klada losi, reC maci dan bak suryana yas treta pal drozi pum zen genu
Sunshine in the northern part of the country seems a lot different from the south.suryan zaraka ras dan norc parta xal dan haratsa simi nif riv puku lop dan crona
Look, the fire is blue right now, that is so cool!luki dan fyora vuti bul drit xoma, huz vuti son kulu!
Unfortunately the time commitment has been changed again.nan badram koz muzu dan kal txeqnula hop vuti lok xoxi genu
I need to eventually better understand.suq carfi pal muz ventalu mor tov havini
We could never have imagined what was just about to unfold.bib kad nan vuku hop lok madjini suk yod vuti jas mat pal pak kipuli
The Great Horned Owl swooped down to catch the Field Mouse.dan amahat spak lok yanxufwa yod swup kari pal vuci dan migrax hakbarwa
Let us play a game.lari beba pimi nif gema
I need to walk over to the store.suqa nidi palu waki tub palu dan sora